Obscured Among the Flowers

 I was recently gifted two things: A 100 sheet pack of Bromportrait Grade 3 fiber paper and a 70’s era Orbit 4x5 camera with a nice 210mm f/6.8 lens. The Orbit is a beast of a camera that was meant to be used purely in the studio. I don’t have a studio. So I took it along on a trip to Orange County knowing that there was a really nice garden where we were staying. I wanted to test the Orbit out with a few different films just to see what it would do. Of the three things I took down (X-Ray, Arista 200asa and Bromportrait fiber paper) I ended up really liking the Bromportrait paper negatives a great deal. They came out with a great tonality and dark personality that make me pretty happy. That combined with my predilection for visual oddities seems to work out well. When you really look there are tons of little lost, alone or just downright odd things amongst the bushes and flowers of a garden. Purely for the fun of it I am going to continue making images in gardens, backyards, front lawns, wherever I can with the Orbit and Bromportrait paper. Not every project has to have a deeper meaning, after all.